Reasons Why Twitter Isn’t Going Away Soon

Twitter, the micro-blogging giant and rapid information machine, is allegedly opening its doors for takeover bids. This news brought dread for everybody and many people began speculating that Twitter will be out of the social market soon. This is one angle, but it’s really early to tell if Twitter will bail out. Basically, there are strong indicators of Twitter’s late-game potential. One truth is possible: Twitter isn’t going away soon.

Image result for twitter updatesPeople Still Need Entertainment Updates

As long as entertainment is still prevalent, people will always seek for updates. These updates are all about celebrities, latest songs, artists, news, and basically any news within the entertainment circle. Twitter, with all of its entertainment hashtags, will continue supplying information daily.

Freedom of Expression is Highlighted by Twitter

Even if Twitter is not oriented towards a full-profit scale, it’s evident that the site can emphasize freedom of expression. People love this and they will go up in arms to defend their rights. Aside from the regular person, idealists also use Twitter to share their thoughts freely.  This angle alone is enough to denote the strength of Twitter and its main benefits to communication.

Image result for business on twitterBusinesses Rely on Twitter’s Massive Reach

Lots of personal loan and payday loan businesses rely on Twitter for their marketing efforts. The site has also improved the lead funnels of those lending businesses, involving thousands of followers in the process. Every niche is represented formally in Twitter, and there seem to be no barriers in between. In estimation, small businesses send out dozens of Twitter information daily, further increasing the overall value of the networking site. Such daily increase is cumulative, so one can wonder if Twitter is really bound for its demise.

Twitter users are now vigilant regarding any updates from the site. If things turn out well for Twitter, then the show will just go on.