Credit Card Fraud and Ways to Prevent It

With advancement on technology and complexity of the digital age, people with bad intentions use these as an advantage to defraud others. It is very easy nowadays for someone to apply for a credit card but are unfamiliar of the impact it can have in our lives financially. Here are a few things we need to be aware of to avoid being taken advantage of from our money.

Credit card fraud or theft can happen to anyone by getting the personal information and start using the card holders account to purchase things online. It only needs a tech savvy person to steal your information and start taking advantage of your credit. It can also happen by a dishonest employee whom you entrusted your personal information together with your credit card information uses them for their personal benefit. Lastly, it may be in a form where you are made to believe that you are taking advantage of an offering by entering your personal information and the next thing you see are charges you have not made being reflected in your statements.

In avoiding these fraudulent acts, you must need the following:

  • Avoid sharing your account information online especially if the website you are in has not proven their credibility to you. Personal information must be made in person unless the website is a well established institution.
  • Bring your credit card only when you are going to use it. Avoid having your credit card with you if you are not going to use it. Leave your card at home in your locked drawer. This prevents you from losing your card for others to use.
  • Always have your card within your sight. Never let another person take your card away from your eyesight to ensure that your information is not captured which may be used for fraudulent acts.
  • Save your receipts and compare them with your statements. Any charges that are unfamiliar to you, call the card issuer to make sure that they can explain the charges and why it is reflected in your statement. If the charges are proven to from someone else, dispute the charges right away and make sure to get an update from the credit card issuer.