How to Use Tumblr for Your Lead Generation Process?

Even though many blogging sites and info platforms have appeared lately, Tumblr is still hanging on. While some people believe that Tumblr is lagging behind Twitter and Reddit, the site still has its potential – especially for startup business owners. Do you need a little boost in your lead generation process? Perhaps you want a ‘blog style’ approach with the dynamics and speed of Twitter? In that case, you should consider stepping in the Tumblr arena.

Create and Explore

Image result for Tumblr for businessSince Tumblr is a micro-blog, you have the option to create any kind of post you want. You can launch a simple analysis of your product or a commentary of any global event. Aside from creating any post, you also have the liberty to explore other posts in the Tumblr biosphere. The easy ‘create and explore’ system can help you build strong connections and generate leads.

Re-blog Valuable Niche Topics

Reblogging is similar to retweeting, except that you’re sharing entire user posts. In a way, you’re sharing their blogs as well. This is one of the advantages of Tumblr – everyone has the chance to generate blog traffic. Choose interesting posts within your niche and reblog them. There’s a fair chance that your posts can be reblogged as well.

Connect with Other Platforms

Image result for Tumblr for businessConnecting your Tumblr site with other social media platforms will give you competitive business edge. Aside from Tumblr, you can now have an extensive social sharing network that can augment your lead generation process significantly. This multi-platform connecting system may be hard work, but it will pay off in the future. If you want to save valuable time, you can ask for help regarding this process.

Tumblr is a testament of Internet’s growth. It’s probably on the way to becoming an online relic, but even relics have their key advantages. The manner of harnessing those advantages can put you ahead in the game.